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Business Operation Concept

Business Operation Concept

Ever since president Li’s entrance into the rubber industry, the scale of Chung Ta Rubber Solution Industry Co., Ltd. today is created by so many years of experiences and persistence. In the beginning, there are as few as two equipments, but today, the factory area is more than 1000 pings; for so many years, president Li has, step by step, made a secure base with his persistent spirit.

Bearing the spirit of originating from the base level, president Li believes that success belongs to people of constant efforts and persistence. This concept lets president do his best when he faces all kinds of challenges. In the environment of continuous challenge, he has promoted himself continuously and achieved the expectation of customer as well.

The number one discipline of the factory says:〝Quality number one and customer satisfaction〞. President Li says that our only goal is customer satisfaction. And the achievement of this goal needs the consensus in quality from all the employees. Therefore, non-interrupted 〝continuous improvement〞 and 〝All employees’ participation〞has been included into the Quality Policy after 2002 of Chung Ta Rubber Solution Industry Co., Ltd. Therefore, delving customer’s need aggressively and converting it into the driving force of progress of the company is the only way to manufacture the best product for the customer, which in turn will create a win-win situation with customer.

In the past few years, Taiwan’s rubber market has experiences severe competition and change. As we look back the past, although the road is very tough, yet president Li still has 100 percent confidence to face the future. In the future, Chung Ta Rubber Solution Industry Co., Ltd. not only will build its root in Taiwan, but also will extend its business scope to the Mainland China market to continuously provide customer with better and more economical products. We also hope that all the employees can have the spirit of continuous innovation as the competitive weapon of the company; together, we can promote Chung Ta Rubber Solution Industry Co., Ltd. gradually to the international market.